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Private Ear Prompter Coaching

Revolutionize your:

  • Prep Time

  • Auditions

  • On-Camera Bookings

Optimize your Opportunities

Ear Prompter Coaching

Three Sessions


  • Move at your pace

  • Coaching in an audition setting

  • Watch video playback, Review, and Learn 

  • Brush up on Audition and On-Camera skills

  • Real scripts, Real scenarios


About Renee Street Studios

Renee Ertl’s Ear Prompter Coaching Sessions are a top referral from Chicago and Milwaukee area agents and managers.

Renee brings a unique dual-perspective to her Ear Prompter Coaching. She has been an active Talent for nearly twenty years as well as a Talent Agent for the last fifteen.

As an Agent, Renee has directed hundreds of auditions - she knows what wins the booking.  As a Talent, she has been hired for over one hundred ear prompter jobs - she has first hand knowledge of every type of audition and shoot scenario.

Having been on both sides of the camera, Renee is uniquely experienced to give the perspective of the Talent with the insight of an Agent and can help prep for every possibility.



"I am so glad that I completed Ear Prompter training with Renee. I often hear actors say they've been thinking about using prompter, but are considering just buying one and trying to teach themselves. I'm no stranger to cost-cutting, but this was an important skill that I wanted to learn correctly, and I knew having guided instruction would streamline the process and be faster than trying to teach myself. Renee was flexible with scheduling, greatly helped lessen the anxiety I felt about the process, and, most importantly, caught things I was doing incorrectly before they became habits.  Save time and level up in your career by taking Ear Prompter lessons with Renee - you'll be glad you did."


Chanda Davetas

"I took classes from Renee several years ago and it was the best decision for my career and opened up more opportunities for bookings.  I still use the insights and skills I learned.  Renee understands the actor and where we're coming from.  But then she can go into agent mode and give you an idea of how the clients are seeing you and your audition.  Highly recommend."

Dana Anderson

"Renee teaches ear prompter in a way that prepares you immediately to get out and start working, but also gives you the contextual understanding of the skill necessary to keep learning.  In each session she builds on the techniques you previously learned while also presenting exercises to develop your abilities, work with other talent, and make the ear prompter not just a device to help you perform but an innate skill of the performer.  I booked my first audition after training with Renee and it has become an invaluable part of my work since.  I could not more highly recommend her!"

Adam Schulmerich

"Renee’s training on Ear Prompter was invaluable. Not only did Renee educate on the mechanics and skills for script reading on the Ear Prompter, she also gave practical on-set tips that came in handy many times.  Whether you are learning the skill for those 50 page medical script shoots or those days of script changes, the Ear Prompter training by Renee is a great experience and is sure to give you returns on the investment."

Jessica Harris

“Renee taught me the exact skills needed to book work on the Ear. Her coaching covered multiple scenarios that you can run into as an Ear Prompter proficient actor, which was extremely beneficial. This training allowed me to confidently step on set knowing I can get the job done, no matter how much dialogue I'm dealing with."

Justin T Lord

"Working with Renee Ertl is a joy. She immediately makes you feel welcome, regardless of what level or experience you are. I had no formal Ear Prompter training, and she worked efficiently (yet patiently) with me to give me the basics, as well as focus on specific scenarios I may run into. She also took the time to answer my industry questions. I like that she divides her training into three workshops, so I have time to digest the info and practice in between sessions. Renee is kind, generous, encouraging, and professional, and I definitely recommend her for anyone who is interested in learning ear prompter!"

Anna Yee

"Working online with Renee was great! We were able to cover a lot of important topics - starting with the hardware itself to tips for using the ear piece. We ran through different scenarios and there was a lot of interaction. I practiced a script and got feedback in real time, just digitally. I would highly recommend this online training - you get a huge amount of industry advice too from Renee!   "

Anna Patterson

Vienna, Austria



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