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Ear Prompter Coaching

On Camera Coaching

Home Audition Space Design

Video Meeting Home Space and Lighting Design

Ear Prompter Coaching

Revolutionize your Prep Time, Auditions, and On-Camera Bookings​

Three Session Package


  • Move at your pace

  • Coaching in an audition setting

  • Watch video playback, Review, and Learn 

  • Brush up on Audition and On-Camera skills

  • Real scripts, Real scenarios


On Camera Coaching

...for Talent and Business / Corporate Professionals

  • All experience levels

  • Coaching in an audition setting or thru video chat, Zoom, Skype, etc

  • Watch video playback, Review, and Learn 

  • Real scripts, Real scenarios

Space Design

Home Audition Space Lighting Design

In person, or thru video chat, Renee will identify potential areas in your home and recommend space, background, lighting and sound adjustments and/or equipment to make your Self-Tape Auditions look professional and stand out from your competition.  

Video Meeting Home Space and Lighting Design

In person, or thru video chat, Renee will identify potential areas in your home or office best suited for video meeting calls.  Renee will make recommendations for background, lighting, eye-line and sound adjustments and/or equipment, and do test runs for a polished set-up for your video meeting calls.

About Renee Street Studios

Renee Ertl brings a unique perspective to her Coaching and Studio Space Design clients. She has been an active On-Camera Talent for nearly twenty years as well as a Talent Agent since 2003.


As an Agent, Renee has directed hundreds of auditions - she knows what wins the booking.  She has also viewed hundreds of Self-Tape auditions and has an eye for a great set-up for both talent and corporate clients alike. 


As a Talent, she has been hired for over a hundred on-camera and ear prompter jobs - she has first-hand knowledge of every type of audition and shoot scenario.


Having been on both sides of the camera, Renee is uniquely experienced to give the perspective of the Talent with the insight of an Agent and can help prep you for every possibility.


Renee Ertl’s Ear Prompter Coaching Sessions are a top referral from Chicago and Milwaukee area agents and managers.

About Renee


Chanda Davetas headshot

"I am so glad that I completed Ear Prompter training with Renee. I often hear actors say they've been thinking about using prompter, but are considering just buying one and trying to teach themselves. I'm no stranger to cost-cutting, but this was an important skill that I wanted to learn correctly, and I knew having guided instruction would streamline the process and be faster than trying to teach myself. Renee was flexible with scheduling, greatly helped lessen the anxiety I felt about the process, and, most importantly, caught things I was doing incorrectly before they became habits.  Save time and level up in your career by taking Ear Prompter lessons with Renee - you'll be glad you did."

Chanda Davetas


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